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Welcome to the Built to Last Network Marketing Podcast with Keith Callahan. This is an advanced show for MLM pro's looking to become a leader of leaders in our industry. Think of it like the master class for those following the teachings of Eric Worre, Network Marketing Pro, Bob Helig, Your Virtual Upline, Sarah Robbins, Rockin Robbins, Ray Higdon, Home Business Profits, Simon Chan, MLM Nation.
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Jul 22, 2015

The brains and beauty behind Beachbody’s newest fitness programs 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Autumn is a celebrity fitness trainer and national-level bikini competitor. A rising star in the fitness community, she’s made a name for herself by helping people lose weight and get fit through simple portion control and consistent exercise.

Building on a foundation of good food choices and exercise habits, Autumn empowers her clients to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. In addition to her celebrity clientele, Autumn is the fitness specialist for Her workouts have been featured in C magazine, LA Parent, The Palisadian-Post, and Daily Candy, and on TV shows like Home & Family. With a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit, Autumn is the perfect addition to the Beachbody family of trainers.

In this episode we dive into the story behind the story and learn about how Autumn got connected with Beachbody, her first year working with them, how she got her start, what keeps her motivated and “who is Autumn Calabrese” as a person.


Jul 15, 2015


In this final episode of our three part series of creating a business to serve your life we talk about the eleven business elements and how they pertain to each of the seven small business models.  At the end of this episode, I rank the types of businesses (in my opinion and through my experience).

Jul 8, 2015


In this second episode of the 3-part series ‘Creating a Business to serve your Life’ we focus on getting clear and  understanding the type of lifestyle and commitment you are seeking with your Business.  I also go into detail and break down the pro’s and con’s associated with each business model and what type of lifestyle you can expect. 

Jul 2, 2015

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As you consider going into business for yourself it is so important to stop and consider the type of lifestyle that you want FIRST. It is so easy to get caught up in the passion, excitement, energy, logistics and tasks of starting a new business that we often overlook considering our quality of life. In order to truly create a life you love it live it is critical to identify the life that you want to live before creating a business. Your business should serve your life, rather than your life being defined and driven by your business.


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